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JUST ADDED (Tentative Panels)

• Leading Through Innovation 


• We're The Bag: Breaking Down The Real Esate Industry 


• GENTRIFICATION: Or Have We Just Forgetten About Our Community? 


• THINK & VOTE: We Can't Just Register, We Got To VOTE


• I'm Tired Of All The Smoke: How To Work With Difficult Co-Workers (SMH) 

• A.I., ChatGPT & Web3: How Will It Shape Our Lives & How To Leverage It 

• Think Bold:  Public - Private Partnerships Unlocking Opportunities 

• How To Keep Your Sh&t Together As An Entrepreneur 

• Venture Capital: Getting Dough to Start My Business

• I Got A Story To Tell: Why Is Gun Violence Terrorizing The Youth Of Our City

• Get Your Affairs In Order: Estate Planning: Don’t Have Your Family Getting Played by Probate

• Creating in a S@&$ Storm Pt 2

• Marketing Make Over: How To Reach The Culture on Health & Wellness 

• How to Grow Your Brand in a Digital Landscape

• Being Disruptive & Looking Beyond the Next Bold Thing 

• Being Creative & Innovative,  Rethinking Office Space: Co-Work The New Business Model 

• The Revolution & Growth of Dispensaries (Cannabis) in Our City

• The Role Hip Hop Music Plays in our Mental Health

• The Collaborative Approach of Affordable Housing

• Getting A Handle On Our Personal Health 

• The Elephant in The Womb: The Fight For Women

• I Feel Like I'm Getting Played: Tell Me How My Vote Really Counts

• Give Me A Second Chance: Removing Barriers to Reentry 

• How To Build The Damn Thing 

• Empowering Next Generation Entrepreneurs


• Peek Behind The Door: There's A lot Going On In Jacksonville, Pay Attention 

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