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Be apart of
Think Bold

Ready to make a difference and be part of an inspiring event? Join us as a volunteer at the Think Bold Festival & Conference!

As a volunteer, you'll play a crucial role in creating an unforgettable experience for attendees. Whether you're assisting with event setup, guiding participants, or providing support behind the scenes, your contribution matters!

Event Setup and Logistics

Event Setup and Logistics: Assist with setting up booths, signage, and equipment before the event begins.

Registration and Check-In

Registration and Check-In: Welcome attendees, check them in, and provide any necessary information.

Usher and Crowd Control

Usher and Crowd Control: Help direct attendees to different sessions, manage crowd flow, and assist with seating.

Speaker Support

Speaker Support: Assist speakers with any technical needs or last-minute preparations.

Social Media and Photography.

Social Media and Photography: Capture memorable moments and share them on social media platforms.

Clean-Up Crew

Clean-Up Crew: Help dismantle booths, clean up event areas, and ensure everything is tidy after the event.

Workshop Assistants

Workshop Assistants: Support workshop facilitators by helping with materials, setup, and participant assistance.

Tech Support

Tech Support: Help troubleshoot technical issues with audiovisual equipment, computers, or other technology.

Volunteer Form

Fill out the volunteer form and in the message section, let us know which area you're interested in.

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